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Where to Train with Darin: Personal Training in Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson

Personal training with Darin is available across the valley. She is flexible, with gyms in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Summerlin. In-home personal training is also available in certain cases for an additional fee.

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Personal Training in Summerlin

Darin’s preferred gym is the Kilo Club at Tivoli Village. With high-end amenities and a limited membership base, you’ll never be overcrowded or waiting forever for equipment. Easy access from Summerlin Parkway and plentiful parking make this gym an attractive place to focus and get your Summerlin personal training done in style.

Henderson and Las Vegas Personal Training

Darin is a member of EoS Gyms and has access to all locations in the Las Vegas area. Wherever you are in the valley, there’s an EoS location nearby. This affordable gym option is great for people who are just getting started in training. Darin will join you for personal training in Las Vegas and Henderson at EoS. 

Darin is also available for in-home personal training. In this case, your initial assessment and first few sessions will take place in a public gym to determine what kind of equipment and space is necessary.

In-home training may be a good solution if you have a community or HOA gym that you can take advantage of, or you already have a significant amount of workout equipment.

You will be responsible for ensuring that the agreed-upon items and room will be booked in advance. In-home training has an additional fee.

Private or In-Home Training


Darin offers virtual training! This option is excellent if you’re traveling, if something comes up and you have to reschedule your standard training time, or if you just can't meet up in person for any reason. Darin will send a personalized list of exercises tailored to your workout plan. She’ll also be available for a video call to observe and critique form and offer motivation.

reach your goals with personal training in summerlin, las vegas or henderson

Wherever you are and however you like to train, Darin Larson can help! While she spends a lot of time as a Summerlin personal trainer, she also trains in Henderson and Las Vegas. If you currently have a membership to a gym that’s not mentioned, let us know. We’re always working to find the best places to work out for our clients.

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